Sapelo Farms, 180 acres of farmland in Brunswick, GA, is one of the last remaining farms in the county. Approximately half of the land is in open pasture and sustainable agriculture while the remainder is maintained in a conservation wildlife habitat of long-leaf pine trees. Purchased in 1947 only six miles from downtown Brunswick, the farm was very rural. The original homesite had a fenced yard to protect it from the free-range cattle that wandered the pine forests and dirt road.
Today, as development encroaches from all directions, Sapelo Farms remains an oasis among shopping centers and subdivisions At Sapelo Farms an agricultural heritage is maintained with great pride. The farm is still family owned and operated. Santa Gertrudis cattle, percentage Boer goats, heritage breed chickens roam the fields and barnyards, and beehives thrive among abundant flower gardens. . Fresh, seasonal produce is sold through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program, individual customers and several local restaurants. Sapelo Farms strives to promote local agriculture in a diverse community where ties to farming are increasingly limited.

Special Notes

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