Heritage Breed Chickens

We raise over a dozen different types of chickens. They come in all shapes and sizes and so do the eggs that they lay. Our Ameraucana hens lay green (yep, green!) eggs; our Seabrights lay minature eggs perfect for a small breakfast, just the size for a child's hand. The Brahamas have feathers all the way down their legs and looks like they just come out from under the blow-dryer, always puffed up and fluffy. The French Houdans and Polish hens have feathers which cover their eyes; the Iowa and Delaware chickens are American originals.

We take great pleasure in living with chickens of many colors, sizes and personalities. As fewer and fewer farms exist, many of these breeds are actually becoming endangered (yes, endangered chickens) and we are happy to help in maintaining their numbers.

Recent studies show that farm eggs - free range, with access to plenty of green pasture and fresh air - are actually more healthy than eggs produced by caged chickens who spend their entire lives indoors. This makes perfect sense to us and we think you'll agree the first time you crack open one of our eggs. Yes, the yolks are bright yellow and the shells are harder than egg shells that come from ordinary store-bought eggs.
Happy, healthy chickens = farm fresh, delicious eggs.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently able to meet the demand for free range eggs.
If we have extra eggs they will be listed on the PRODUCE page. However, at this time all of our eggs are reserved for our regular customers.
We are continuing to increase the numbers in our flocks and hope to have more eggs in the future.