Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA is closed for 2017. We appreciate your interest. The information below is general CSA information. We will provide more updates later in the year regarding our 2018 CSA.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.
Small, local farms like ours require the support of the surrounding communities in order to survive. Although we are happy to accommodate customers who buy a few items off and on, we rely on consistent, regular customers to ensure the success of our farm. Our CSA membership involves a six weeks commitment; for six weeks our members receive a box of farm fresh produce, farmers' choice, each week. Buying produce from a local farm is a great way to support responsible, sustainable agriculture. Purchasing from our farm not only supports our efforts but repays you, the customer, with fresh produce. Interested? Read more.

What is a CSA Share?

We offer CSA Shares in whole and half shares. A whole share is designed to provide enough vegetables for a family of 4 for one week (or for two vegetarians). Whole shares usually include 4-5 different vegetables.

A half share should provide a variety of vegetables to supplement a family. Half shares are usually 3 different types of vegetables.
Time allowing and product available, we both shares often include a fresh herb.

Please note that our CSA provides a nice quantity of produce. If you do not cook at home on a regular basis or do not use lots of fresh produce, then a CSA share may not be for you. You might prefer to order produce of your own choice at your own convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: you do not have to belong to CSA in order to buy produce from the farm.

We harvest produce for regular orders six days a week. You do not have to belong to CSA in order to buy produce from the farm. We try to grow enough produce to provide for both CSA and regular customers, and we will harvest produce for regular orders six days a week. Simply check the available produce on our "Produce Available" page each week and send an email order to the farm if you would like to purchase produce without joining CSA.
We update the available produce weekly.
Do be aware, however, that CSA receives first choice on all produce. Some crops, such as corn and tomatoes, are often available only with a CSA membership.

What will be in my box?

Your box will include the farmers' choice of fresh produce and a newsletter letting you know what items you have received for the week. We will send a weekly email (usually on Sunday evening or Monday morning) to let you know the items in that week's CSA box. Whole shares will typically receive 4-5 different items while half shares receive at least 3 different items. If you receive something you do not like or a quantity too large for your own consumption, we hope you'll share with a friend.

What crops do you grow seasonally?

The following is a list of some of the crops we anticipate having available for the summer CSA cycle.
Please keep in mind, we cannot control Mother Nature. Some years some crops work and some years they don't.
We do our best to provide a wide variety of vegetables, old favorites and new crops we hope you will learn to love.

Beans -- green and shell
Bok choy
Sweet Potatoes

What if I decide that I do not want to stay in the CSA Program?

Our CSA Program runs in 6 week cycles. You may choose to leave at the end of a six week period without penalty. If you leave the CSA before the end of a cycle, you forfeit the money you have paid.

May I skip a week during the program?

No. CSA requires a commitment of six weeks. Because our gardens do not stop growing, we cannot allow "vacation time."

What if I am going to be out of town or unavailable one week?

You may have someone else pick up your share; however, please let us know in advance.

What if I cannot make my scheduled pick-up time?

We require that you notify the farm of any changes in your pick-up schedule. If you are more than an hour late and do not notify the farm, you forfeit your produce for the week. Please note that we make every effort to accommodate you in the event of a change or emergency; however, we do not have facilities to hold or store fresh produce overnight.

For Ember Saturday pickup, please be aware that the resturant is not responsible for your produce. If you do not pick up your box before the 4:30pm deadline, you forefit your box for the week.

What if I would like extra produce?

We will email you each Monday with a list of what will be in your box for the week. If you would like to make additions, you may order them at this time. Substitutions are not allowed.

What if the farm is unable to provide produce for the week?

Our gardens are at the mercy of Mother Nature. In the event that we are unable to provide you with produce, we will refund the unspent portion of your subscription money or we will extend the six week season until you have received the total number of weeks for which you paid.

I'd like to join CSA! What should I do next?

Our CSA is closed for 2017. Please check back for information regarding our 2018 CSA Program.