A Farmer's Journal

August 2017



When I met my husband, he dubbed my music of choice "folklore" music.
It's folk music to most of the rest of the world but I loved his description.
At the time, he was referring specifically to Justin Townes Earle because that was what played in my truck over and over again.
It's still my music of choice, but I confess that I have been swayed by both circumstance and the preferences of a Tennessee boy.
So country music it is, and today's mood and feeling are echoed here by one Jason Aldean...

"All they see is tractors, barbwire and tall green grass
They donít see the years spent working, busting their ass
How they pray for rain
They donít know a thing
About what it takes
Liviní this way

They ainít seen the blood, sweat and tears it took to live their dreams
When everythingís on the line
Ainít just another field just another farm
No, itís the ground we grew up on..."

I am heartsick at everything we are losing. I do not have words. Thanks country music, for at least this much....

August 2017



By some crazy stroke of luck, it's August and actually not that hot this week. Amazing.
We're packing. Don't worry, we have all of the help we could ever need...