Ordering Information

1. Produce must be pre-ordered at least one day in advance.

2. To order, you should browse our PRODUCE page and decide which items you would like to purchase and in what quantities. Then email the farm with your order. Please note that we accept orders by email only.

3. There is a $10 minimum order. We also need to know the amounts of produce you would like. Please do not send a produce order without telling us the amount you would like. If you need help planning how much produce you will need we will be happy to offer suggestions (i.e., "I would like a salad for four.")

4. When you order, please let us know when to expect you. Please note: "Afternoon" is not a time. We want your produce to be as fresh as possible; we plan our cutting based on when you will arrive.

5. Orders may be picked up between 10am and 5:00pm, Monday - Saturday. We do not fill orders on Sundays. Please note that we reserve the right to schedule pick-up times; there may occassionally be times we will not be available. We will confirm pick-ups on an order by order basis.

6. We do not give farm tours to anyone at any time.